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Danny Sullivan Keynoting WebmasterWorld – Not Dead Yet!

The news just broke that Danny Sullivan has signed on to provide a keynote speech at WebmasterWorld in Las Vegas on November 16th. You can read the announcement on Danny’s blog, or read more about it on the WebmasterWorld forums. You can get more info on attending Pubcon here.

This should come as no surprise to industry insiders. Danny has been the face of the SEO industry for some time, and it’s really unlikely that he is going to disappear from the scene anytime soon. I for one am excited by this turn of events.

Now that Danny is about to be separated from Incisive Media/SES/SEW, he can begin to build on his role in our industry without the restrictions of an employer. It reminds me of the last SES when Danny took a moment to commemorate the 1 year anniversary of Matt Cutts blog. Apparently, Matt had announced that he was going to launch it with Danny and Brett Tabke in the room.

Danny quipped about the two of them (Danny and Brett) tripping over themselves to get the announcement of Matt’s blog out first.

So now the stampede is around Danny. This will be a big boost for WebmasterWorld. I bet the sign-ups will see a significant boost because of this. As for Danny, the man who never really left is back, and (I suspect) here to stay.

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