Adwords Offers Black Friday Ad Extension

Adwords Now Offers Black Friday & Cyber Monday Ad Extensions

Looking for another way to get your Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals into your ad copy? Well, now you can add an additional line of text to communicate your offer. A new type of structured snippet can be used to communicate special store hours, free shipping deals and order discounts.

These structured snippets are only eligible to show from November 20 through November 30. The Black Friday snippet will only show from November 20-27 but the Cyber Monday snippet is eligible to show through the 30th. If you have both implemented, the Black Friday snippet will override the Cyber Monday snippet until the 28th.

To implement, go to your Ad Extensions tab and choose Structured Snippets from the View drop-down. When you click to add a new extension, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are both options for snippets. With these snippets, you are only required to add one line to the Values field (unlike all other snippets that require at least three).

Black Friday Structured Snippets





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