Making Connections that Matter in Healthcare: AEM Mobile

Making Connections that Matter in Healthcare: AEM Mobile

The healthcare industry has been in a constant state of change the last several years, from new laws and regulations to technologies and medicine. To top it off, patient behavior has drastically changed.

According to a Commonwealth Fund study, the average American visits the doctor only four times per year and that number is declining. One of the drivers behind this behavioral change is accessibility to medical information.

Here’s a great example – in a study of millennials by ZocDoc, it was reported that this group is more likely to research symptoms online, with 28% self-diagnosing and 36% self-medicating before seeing a doctor.

When patients only see doctors when they’re sick or injured, it impacts the overall quality of care they could receive. With a more complete view of a patient, healthcare professionals can provide in-depth care and counsel that focuses on overall wellness or even detect the onset of a chronic condition.

Creating a connected health experience that’s ingrained in patients’ daily lives is one solution, and the need has never been greater to help doctors and hospital systems support their patients digitally.

Our team at Perficient developed DailyDose, a patient engagement app built on Adobe Experience Manager Mobile. With a solution that aligns with consumer/patient behaviors, this will support lowering patient readmissions, driving lower healthcare costs and increasing patient engagement.

Watch the video for a peek at DailyDose.

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