Podcast - Sitecore Personalization

Podcast: Sitecore personalization interview on Core Sampler

I had the honor of joining master Sitecore Developer and host Derek Dysart as a guest on his Sitecore-based podcast Core Sampler. I am proud to be among the ranks of distinguished Sitecore MVP’s and a growing variety of Sitecore experts on his informative series.

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While the content of this podcast has been largely focused on fellow developers, Derek continues to expand the series to include marketing input, and sees the often-overlooked value of bridging the gap between what I like to call the Left and Right brains of Sitecore.

In this episode, we hit on the importance of that cross-team collaboration and company-wide buy-in necessary to be successful with this powerful Gartner-leading platform. Then with it being a marketer-focused episode we talk about Behavioral Personalization and the necessary steps to reach this holy grail of customer experience maturity.

Please enjoy the episode and take a look at the rest of this series.

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