Adobe Launches Advertising Cloud at Adobe Summit

Adobe Launches Advertising Cloud

Today Adobe announced their newest cloud product – Adobe Advertising Cloud – that promises to unify advertising efforts from non-digital to digital channels. Advertising Cloud is a combination of Adobe’s existing Media Optimizer and recently acquired TubeMogul.

Main offerings of the Advertising Cloud include:

  • Search management
  • Automated ad buying
  • Creative optimization

image of Adobe TubeMogulAdvertising cloud includes the following specific capabilities:

  • Cross Channel Publishing to plan, buy and measure advertising across channels.
  • Media Activation across devices or screens that allows marketers to reach specific audiences regardless of the device used
  • Cloud performance that also protects the brand and the media
  • Adobe claims to be the largest independent advertising platform and does not add media markup and well known fees.
  • Creative optimization to create personalized ads using consumer analytics

Adobe claims that they already manage $3.5B annual ad spend through the Adobe Advertising Cloud with at least 1,000 global customers.  Adobe has a long way to go to catch up to Google and Facebook in digital ad spend. eMarketer estimates that Google will have $72.69B and Facebook will have $33.76B in ad spend in 2017. However Adobe’s move to cross digital and non-digital channels will provide them an advantage.

Also Adobe intends to further integrate Advertising Cloud with the Adobe Marketing Cloud that will create a compelling platform for marketers to manage all their marketing spend in one place.


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