AEM DataLayer on Tour: IMMERSE17

AEM DataLayer on Tour: IMMERSE17

I’m thrilled to be presenting AEM DataLayer at #IMMERSE17, the global virtual conference for the AEM Developer Community on May 17th at 3:15 PM PT.

Immerse 2017

This talk will extend on my #AEMRockstar presentation on the AEM DataLayer library and will get into more details about how to use the AEM DataLayer library to easily integrate AEM and digital marketing tools. This will include a demonstration of setting up and using AEM DataLayer in AEM 6.3.

If you are looking to integrate AEM 6.3 with digital marketing tools such as Adobe Analytics, Adobe Audience Manager or Adobe Target, this talk will help you accelerate your implementation and ease the burden on your analysists and developers.

Adobe Analytics Adobe Audience Manager Adobe Target

The conference will have a number of great speakers and topics, if you have not already registered, you can still register until May 14th.

Register for IMMERSE17!

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