Video: Sitecore Quick Tip for Marketers - Links Tool

Video: Sitecore Marketing Quick Tip – “Links” Tool

Hey Sitecore marketers (new and veteran) I am starting a secondary series of training videos. My original series of videos on YouTube are a bit longer-format and cover off on the necessary basics to mature as a Sitecore CXP marketer. This new Quick Tip series is designed to deliver small bites of video training on an ongoing variety of settings, tips, and tricks that are well-known to many, but also not necessary obvious to many others.

Sitecore Links Tool

This first tip aims to help those marketers with larger sites and many goals in place. Fear not smaller, and/or new site authors – it is worthwhile for you as well.


If you are wondering where you have applied any of your goals, personas, etc – Click on that specific goal or other item in the Marketing Control Panel. Then, under the [Navigate] tab, click on the “Links” tool. A drop down menu will appear with all of the items related to your goal. Clicking on any of those items will take you directly to the related item.

Repeat as needed for other items in your content/marketing tree.

Simple, right? Like I mentioned, this may have been an old solid method for you, but for those caught up in the hectic day-to-day hustle of content management – my hope it that this tip serves as a real time saver. It is great for:

  • Making sure you applied items as expected
  • Researching what is driving analytics data
  • Troubleshooting
  • Creating a tracking spreadsheet, if you have not already

Have any tips or tricks you want to share. Please comment or reach out.

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