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Designing for Inclusion is Good Design on Any Terms

Inclusive design and digital accessibility are grabbing the attention of design strategists and design makers.

I see two significant and related changes happening now:

1. We’re more and more designing for context and situations. Things like voice-enabled experiences and augmented reality.

2. We’re designing more products and services to be available only online. Especially for mobile which is increasing in popularity over desktop and tablet.

These two trends highlight huge opportunities for the design and tech communities to connect with a wider base of customers with and without disabilities through human-centered design, and to understand their devices, environments and contexts of use. The list of companies committed to inclusive design is established and others are starting to catch up, but it’s not been talked about that much within the intersection of design, tech and business. But that’s starting to change. We have a number of our partners, such as IBM, Microsoft and Adobe, empowering their designers to build inclusive solutions by making its products more accessible from the start.

Are you in the Atlanta area and want to learn more about inclusive design and digital accessibility?


I’m leading a panel discussion on design for inclusion on January 3rd at amUX in Atlanta, joined by A’nita Evans, Arthur Murphy, David Sloan and Perficient Digital’s Nicole Green. To register, click here.



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