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#AdobeChat Recap: Modern Authenticity

True authenticity is hard to find in today’s society. Reality tv, fake news (what would we do without Snopes.com?), and Photoshopped advertisements are everywhere. This lack of authenticity often causes people to be skeptical of almost everything they hear and read. Consumers are especially cautious when determining if a brand is genuine in its messaging.

In this week’s #AdobeChat we discussed authenticity and it’s effect on consumer-brand relationships. Here are a few highlights from the discussion.

Can you be authentic with millions of customers? How can that be achieved?

Everyone agreed that not only is it possible to be authentic with customers, it’s essential. Consumers trust brands that they view as authentic and transparent, and this trust often turns into brand loyalty.

Why should brands tell stories? What should the purpose be behind the story?

How can brands create an “engaged consumer”?

How do you see brand authenticity and consumer-to-brand relationships changing in the future? What will influence that change?

The methods that brands use to communicate and build relationships with their consumers will change. Technology advancements will redefine consumer expectations and what they interpret as authentic storytelling. But the critical takeaway is that, despite the speed or platform, brands must continuously share authentic stories. Consumers are drawn to brands that change and grow because it makes them relatable.

Check out the full conversation on the Adobe Experience Cloud twitter page. You can follow and participate in the weekly #AdobeChat every Wednesday at (4 p.m. ET/ 1 p.m. PT). Do you have thoughts on what an authentic brand looks like? Share them with us!

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