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Take the Quiz: What is My Content Production Approach?

What is My Content Production Approach?

Building a content production approach is critical to a successful implementation of Adobe Experience Manager. By carefully considering the business needs, goals and objectives, you can start with a content production approach that will enable your team to successfully leverage Adobe Experience Manager to create a pipeline of relevant, engaging content.

Find your optimal approach with this short quiz or go right to our guide: How to Find Zen in Content Production.



Find Your Optimal Content Production Approach


When delivering a digital marketing program, standing up and customizing tools is only part of the work. Creating, migrating, and optimizing content is no easy task.

Approaching content production with the right strategy is key to successful content. This short quiz will help you identify the best approach for content production based on the intention of the experience being created, size of your content, team maturity, and visitor expectations.

Answer just nine questions to find out what approach is the best fit for you.


1. What is the primary intent of the experience you are creating?
2. Approximately how much content will you be managing?
3. How much do you expect to personalize the user experience?
4. Have you ever identified dated or contradictory information on your website?
5. How mature is your organization's authoring team?
6. How much time does your content team expect to spending creating / supporting individual pieces of content?
7. How important is it for you to reuse content across your different experiences?
8. Should your authors work with development or need special coding skills to update content?
9. In what industry does your organization operate?

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