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Simple Multifield Max Item Validation for AEM 6.4

I’ve recently had the need to validate that a multifield does not exceed a specific number of items, this post is a short code snippet that will show you how I did that.


This solution simple enough, it takes a few minutes to adapt it to a min validation or validating for a specific number of items.


Create a Clientlib

First, you’ll need to create a clientlib with categories cq.authoring.editor.hook or any other category that will make this code available to the Editor frame.

Add JS and CSS

here is my basic JS validator:

See Granite UI docs for the validation API


$(window).adaptTo("foundation-registry").register("foundation.validation.validator", {
  // check elements that has attribute data-foundation-validation with value starting with "multifield-max"
  selector: "[data-foundation-validation^='multifield-max']",
  validate: function(el) {
    // parse the max number from the attribute value, the value maybe something like "multifield-max-6"
    var validationName = el.getAttribute("data-validation")
    var max = validationName.replace("multifield-max-", "");
    max = parseInt(max);

    // el here is a coral-multifield element
    // see:
    if (el.items.length > max){
        // items added are more than allowed, return error
        return "Max allowed items is "+ max

Now the CSS:

We are adding this to show the border when the multifield is invalid

coral-multifield[aria-invalid=true] {
    border: solid 1px #f00;

Now to use, just add validation="multifield-max-6" to a multifield, here is an example:

    class="full-width" fieldLabel="Social Media Icons"

Now, once you open your dialog and start adding fields, you’ll get an error when the items are more than the max value.

Here is an example where I set validation="multifield-max-1" so when I try to add more than one item I se an error:

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