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You Should Think About Your Brand’s Voice Persona. Here’s Why.

In a world where almost every experience now has a digital component, we’ve become comfortable interacting with voice devices and automated systems instead of just human beings. But that doesn’t mean those interactions are impersonal.

Voice is an inherently social thing, and it plays a large role in the human process of social identification. So it stands to reason that choosing a vocal persona for your brand will require thought and consideration of what voice qualities will best connect to your specific audience. How will your voice persona represent your brand?

Check out our recent video from Eric Enge and Mark Traphagen, who recently joined Perficient Digital through our acquisition of digital consultancy Stone Temple, to learn about some of the key elements to consider when developing your brand voice persona. Choosing the voice that will represent your brand on voice interactive devices really does matter. Here’s why:

To learn more about Stone Temple, read our recent blog post.

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