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Analyze Your Images with AI at #AdobeSummit and Beyond

Image recognition is an increasingly popular topic. Not exactly surprising, since artificial intelligence (AI) can improve the efficiency and accuracy of your digital asset management. There are a number of AI vendors to choose from. How do they stack up when it comes to identifying the information in your images?

Our image AI comparison tool lets you find out. Use it to view image recognition data from several popular AI vendors and, based on the data that comes back for your images, determine which one may work the best for your needs. You can see how it works in this short video, then try it out at

If you are attending Adobe Summit next week, swing by our booth #931 and chat with us. We’d love to talk more about image recognition and AI. My colleague, Dan Klco, will be around to share more specifics on this tool (after all, he created it).

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