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5 New Features in AEM 6.5


Now that AEM 6.5 has finally been released at Adobe Summit 2019, we can talk about some of the new features and functions available in the product. Here are 5 new features I’ve already seen in exploring AEM 6.5.


Feature 1: Edit Folder Metadata


I am so excited to see this as a new feature in AEM 6.5. This was such a blatant miss in the previous versions of AEM. You could customize the metadata fields for assets and content fragments, but had no ability to configure folders.

To add a custom Folder Metadata field, open Tools (the Hammer) >> Assets and then select “Metadata Folder Schemas”


Assets Folder Metadata Item

From there, you can create a new Folder Metadata configuration and apply it to a folder:


Assets Folder Metadata Editor


And voilà, you now have a custom field in your folder editor!

Feature 2: Touch UI Permissions Editor

In AEM 6.4, one of the few things you still couldn’t do in TouchUI was edit permissions. Clicking on edit permission still kicked you over to ClassicUI to the clunky old permissions editor. In AEM 6.5, this has been ported to the touch UI, cleaned up and made easier to use.

AEM Permissions Editor


Feature 3: Distribution vs Replication


AEM 6.5 now features a distribution based publication to AEM Publishers vs the traditional CQ5 replication. Not only is this quite a bit more reliable and feature rich versus replication, but it’s implemented in Touch UI. At least for AEM 6.5, you can still use Replication, however Sling Content Distribution seems to be the preferred option.


Sling Content Distribution configuration in AEM


Feature 4: New Integrations


The application selector in AEM 6.5 features new integrations with the Adobe Experience Platform and Magento Commerce. Of course, for these integrations to work, you will need to license and configure the solutions, but this shows how Adobe is integrating these solutions into a single cloud solution.

New Application Selector


Feature 5: UGC Importer


One of the more intriguing features in AEM 6.5 is the


UGC Import


AEM 6.5 includes a number of interesting and useful enhancements and tweaks over previous versions. Make sure to check back as we continue to unpack this exciting new release and drill down into all the new features in the latest version of AEM.


4 responses to “5 New Features in AEM 6.5”

  1. aemguru says:

    Nicely summarized the features. I was also comparing the AEM 6.4 vs 6.5 and found the ‘Feature 3’ flavor(Distribution) had a presence in AEM 6.4 too.

  2. Hi Dan, do you have any references to Adobe materials to confirm that Sling Content Distribution is now ‘officially’ preferred over replication in 6.5?

    The only place in AEM documentation that mentions Distribution is User Synchronization and I believe that hasn’t changed since AEM 6.2.

  3. Dan Klco says:

    I don’t, I’ll add it to my list of things that I need to ask some colleagues at Adobe.

  4. Dan Klco says:

    Interesting, I’ll double check that. I don’t believe I saw it in a stock 6.4 instance, but it certainly could have come in a Service Pack.

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