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Reimagining the Future of Customer Experiences

Brenda Bown, Microsoft’s GM for Business Applications and Power Platform, talked during Adobe Summit about Adobe and Microsoft’s partnership. She walked through how Microsoft Azure helps deliver unique and immersive customer experiences.

Adobe and Microsoft announced a partnership a couple of years ago to integrate Adobe and Microsoft products on Azure. Microsoft’s Business Applications include Dynamics and Microsoft’s Power Platforms include PowerBI.

Why would Adobe and Microsoft partner?

The benefits for each partner is shown in the image below:

Why Adobe and Microsoft

What are the outcomes?

The integration of these products allows Adobe to offer sales and business intelligence capabilities without having to develop or buy these solutions. In our recent post about Customer Experience Capabilities, we show how the Adobe products delivered in the Adobe Experience Cloud don’t include the many sales capabilities needed to deliver a complete experience.  This integration helps Adobe address these shortcomings.

In return, Microsoft gains access to Adobe Marketing and Analytics Clouds to help its customers deliver great customer experiences. The picture below further shows the outcomes of this partnership:

Adobe and Microsoft Integrations

All of these capabilities depend on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud, which is likely one reason that Adobe decided to put their Experience Cloud on Azure.

MS Dynamics also includes some unique Mixed Reality tools connected to HoloLens to enhance the experience. Ms. Bown discussed how Chevron is using Remote Assist to enable on-site people to be the remote eyes for engineers. While virtual or mixed reality has previously been seen solely as a gaming platform, Microsoft’s use of it for remote assist is a pretty cool business application.

Microsoft, Adobe and SAP created an Open Data initiative (ODI) that is supposed to unify data across those companies.  MS demoed Dynamics 365 Customer Insights which used ODI to pull together customer data from a variety of systems using pre-built connectors.  Customer Insights include customer matching AI technology to match customer data across systems.  Of course, Customer Insights included PowerBI Dashboards to display the insights to the customer.

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