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How to Export/Import Namespaces Between AEM Instances

Recently, I ran into a scenario where I needed to export namespaces from one AEM instance and import them to another. I previously wrote two groovy scripts on how to do this and they work very well. However, they require the AEM Groovy Console which is hard to put into a production environment, because of the risk for any code execution, including malicious code or code that might break the instance. So I got to thinking, is there really no possible way to do this with OOTB tools? Turns out, there is!




The CND Importer

The nodetypes console in crx/explorer has a tool that can import jackrabbit CND. The CND contains notation for namespaces, which we can use to our advantage. Say I want to add a namespace whose URI is and whose prefix is test. I can prepare it in CND as <'test'=''> and then import it!

To import a CND:

  1. Go to http://localhost:4502/crx/explorer/nodetypes/index.jsp
  2. Click the “Import Node Types”
  3. Paste the CND
  4. Check the checkbox titled “Automatically register defined namespaces.”
  5. Submit

It’s that easy!

Exporting Existing Namespaces as a CND

This one was interesting, because I could not find anything that did this OOTB. Since I can go to http://localhost:4502/crx/explorer/ui/namespace_editor.jsp and see all namespaces, I could put together a small JS script to extract those namespaces and print them into a nice CND. You just need to open the namespace editor, run the script below in chrome console, and voila!

I know this script is a hacky way to get the namespaces. But it works very well for this purpose ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  var namespacesCnd = "";
  document.querySelectorAll("#mainTable > tbody table > tbody > tr")
  .forEach(tr => {
    var url = tr.children[0].innerHTML.replace("&nbsp;", "").trim();
    var prefix = tr.children[1].innerHTML.replace("&nbsp;", "").trim();
    namespacesCnd += "<'" + prefix +"'='" + url +"'>\n"


Once exported, you can use the CND importer and import them to any AEM instance!

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