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Video: How the IBM-HCL Deal Impacts Your Commerce Plans

Late last year, HCL announced that it would acquire various software products from IBM, including WebSphere Commerce. This announcement was met with a mix of reactions across the industry: surprise, panic, but most of all, uncertainty.

The acquisition finalized in July, and it’s time to clear the air and answer some of the most-asked questions from the commerce community, including:

  • Why did HCL buy WebSphere Commerce?
  • What’s the plan for the future of the technology?
  • As a commerce customer, what should I do in the near term?

We got together with leaders across HCL to answer these and other commonly-asked questions.


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As the WebSphere Commerce Partner of the Year in 2018 and 2019, Perficient Digital is a qualified commerce partner, committed to helping our customers understand how these types of industry changes impact their business. To learn more about the HCL/IBM acquisition and how we can help you navigate it, click here.

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