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Adobe Digital Marketing Technical Director

I am an experienced Adobe Digital Marketing Technical Lead, Solution Architect, Consultant and Advisor. Through my career, I have become viewed as a valued thought leader in the industry, with solid skills in leading teams to implement successful digital marketing programs in the Adobe ecosystem. I am also a PMC Member of the Apache Sling project, which is the basis for Adobe's Experience Manager product, this allows me unique insight into the AEM platform.

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Adobe Insider Tour Part 1: Coming Soon

As I drive past the windmills* on the way back from the Adobe Insiders tour in Chicago I think about how much of a privilege it is to be able to see ahead to what Adobe has in the works for Analytics and to know what will be coming soon. I’d like to share some […]

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Markdown in AEM with Flexmark

  Markdown is a light markup language with text-based syntax which can be converted to HTML, PDFs or any number of different styled formats. Markdown is a popular format for text-heavy content such as documentation, wiki content and comments as it is easy to maintain and read the content without the added complexity of including […]

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A Retrospective on HTL: The Wrong Solution for the Problem

I have a confession to make: in my heart of hearts I know JSP is better than HTL / Sightly. There I said it! whew, that’s a load off my chest! So why, besides my paradoxical Luddite tendencies, would I be so firmly convinced that a widely-panned, ancient technology to be superior to Adobe’s latest […]

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Anatomy of the Ideal Background Job

I’ve seen and written a lot of background jobs in my career and in my experience, they are most common culprits to hard-to-diagnose issues in website operations. Which of course makes sense, background jobs aren’t visible to website maintainers or users so how do you know something is wrong until a job fails or makes […]

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Misconceptions and the Missing Modules of Apache Sling

One of the concepts I see confused quite a bit is the relationship between Apache Sling and AEM. In their quest to find the right version of a bundle, many developers think of Sling as a single dependency of AEM. To understand this why this concept is incorrect and why it arises, we first need […]

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No Servlets Required: Exporting Data with Sling Models

In version 1.3.0 of Sling Models the Apache Sling team introduced Sling Model Exporter, a new capability to directly export models as a Java Servlet. This version of Sling Models is available in AEM 6.3+. I finally have a chance to use the new Sling Model Exporter and I found it reduced the amount of […]

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Adobe Analytics Release: Attribution IQ, Visit Duration and More!

Last week, Adobe rolled out the latest updates to Adobe Analytics, this release includes some huge new features which will drastically help analysts report on meaningful insights using the wealth of data in Adobe Analytics. Attribution IQ The paramount feature is Attribution IQ. Attribution IQ allows marketers to select and compare different attribution models to […]

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Take the Quiz: What is My Content Production Approach?

What is My Content Production Approach? Building a content production approach is critical to a successful implementation of Adobe Experience Manager. By carefully considering the business needs, goals and objectives, you can start with a content production approach that will enable your team to successfully leverage Adobe Experience Manager to create a pipeline of relevant, […]

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Architecting a Taxonomy for Articles in AEM

One of the most common content structures in Content Management is articles. Articles are self-contained pieces of content relating to a single subject. This can range from blog posts to knowledge base articles, to news articles. Articles pose a challenge in Content Management as they don’t follow the content structure of the rest of the […]

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