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Eric Enge leads the Digital Marketing practice for Perficient Digital. He designs studies and produces industry-related research to help prove, debunk, or evolve assumptions about digital marketing practices and their value. Eric is a writer, blogger, researcher, teacher, and keynote speaker and panelist at major industry conferences. Partnering with several other experts, Eric served as the lead author of The Art of SEO. Learn More About Eric Enge

Perficient Digital's Eric Enge Tristan Smith

Why Voice Apps Can Drive Your Business – Here’s Why #230

“Ok! Google” or “Alexa!” are not just voice commands. They can also drive your business. In this episode of the award-winning Here’s Why digital marketing video series, Eric Enge and Tristan Smith explain why Voice Apps, like Google Actions or Alexa Skills, can drive your business.  Don’t miss a single episode of Here’s Why. Click the […]

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Featured Snippet Study Featured Image

2019 Data on Featured Snippets and the Knowledge Graph

For the fifth straight year, we searched the 1.4 million search queries to measure the state of featured snippets. The goal was to look at a large number of queries that have potential to generate a featured snippet. We then looked at how many of these produced results, as well as how these results have […]

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Google Office San Francisco

Google BERT Update – Digital Marketing Quick Take

Google announced a major algorithm update, BERT, on October 25, 2019. The update will affect 10% of searches and make the search landscape better for everyone. How will it make search better, and what does this update mean for you? Watch as Eric Enge, Digital Marketing Manager at Perficient Digital, and Jessica Peck, Marketing Technology […]

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Digital Personal Study Featured Image

Rating the Smarts of the Personal Assistants – 2019 Edition

We are pleased to present the 2019 update to our Digital Personal Assistants accuracy study. In this latest edition of the study, we tested 4,999 queries on seven different devices: • Alexa • Echo Show • Cortana • Google Assistant on Google Home • Google Assistant on Google Home Hub • Google Assistant on a […]

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Perficient Digital's Eric Enge

Why You Should Learn about AMP’s New Features – Here’s Why #227

Google just announced two major additions to AMP that will help developers’ jobs become easier in improving the mobile experience for site visitors. In this episode of the popular Here’s Why digital marketing video series, Eric shares some of AMP’s new features and why you should learn about them.  Don’t miss a single episode […]

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Eric Enge and Jim Hertzfeld of Perficient Digital

Why Search Marketers Need to Have Empathy for the Customers – Here’s Why #226

Customers come into our door with expectations. Do you have everything to meet those expectations? In this episode of the award-winning Here’s Why digital marketing video series, Jim Hertzfeld, Perficient Digital’s Principal for Digital Strategy and Innovation, joins Eric Enge and explains why search marketers need to have empathy for customers and how it impacts their business. […]

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Mark Traphagen and Eric Enge

Why You Need a Content Mindset – Here’s Why #225

As marketers, we are supposed to have certain qualities in order to be successful in our careers. What about mindset? In this episode of the award-winning Here’s Why digital marketing video series, we welcome Mark Traphagen back for the episode as he explains why marketers need a content mindset.    Don’t miss a single episode of […]

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