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Empathy Mapping: The Key to Identifying Real Problems & Solutions

The prolific Seth Godin, just published a blog post about data, that could really be applied to just about any new shiny object in the digital world. We always think that it will solve our problem whether that problem is customer satisfaction scores, dropping lead generation, or the rising shopping cart abandonment rate. We think […]

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AI vs. Creativity – Implications for Connecting with Customers

I recently had a thought-provoking lunch with Byron Reese on the topic of his newest book, artificial intelligence (AI). Because they seem to be used interchangeably, I asked him whether there is a difference between AI and algorithms, because I have more of an issue with the latter than the former – in concept at least. My […]

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B2B Passion Play – Bringing Emotional Intelligence to Bear

I remember an experience early in my career when I became passionate about a point of contention in a meeting (I don’t remember now what it was) that someone told me keep emotions out of it. For many years in my ascent of the towers of commerce, I practiced that approach to decision making. Like […]

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