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Kubernetes Solution & Strategy for Enterprise Magento 2 Application

The hosting of an enterprise application is always challenging. It needs many complex components to work correctly and achieve agility, reliability, and security. In the past couple of years, container technologies have evolved rapidly to do the heavy lifting for enterprise applications in the cloud. The container has played a significant role in delivering robust […]

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Automation IaC Solution for WordPress, Drupal & Magento Applications

  Objective Automatic installation and configuration solutions for WordPress, Drupal, and Magento application using AWS CloudFormation infrastructure orchestration and content management  tools like Puppet, Ansible, or Chef. The infrastructure as code (IaC) solution should follow architecture best practices such as setting up the database in a private segment, secure authentication, and provisioning. It should also […]

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How Docker Containerization Reduces CI/CD Deployment Costs

Whenever I hear the word “container,” the first thing that comes up in my mind is the containers on large cargo ships. The same context applies to the containerized application in IT as well. The containers on the cargo ships are packed with goods to ship to their destinations. Similarly, in IT, we can use […]

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