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Headless Commerce with Adobe: Enterprise-Level CX

Businesses are constantly looking for new ways to provide elevated customer experiences while using technology to support both internal and external operations. They want to innovate and scale their efforts quickly, without process disruptions or data jeopardization. That’s why more and more organizations are turning to a “headless” commerce approach to connect content touchpoints across […]

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Observations: Day 1 of Adobe Summit

There is always so much incredible information to absorb during Adobe Summit. In this post, I’m going to share my  observations from Adobe Partner Day: Real Time Behavioral Tracking Synthetic Experiences Real Time Behavioral Tracking The Experience Platform attempts to bring marketing data to the center of experience management platforms in order to provide more […]

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Two Become One: Magento, an Adobe Company

Less than a month after Adobe announced that they entered into an agreement to acquire Magento Commerce, the acquisition is complete. With the deal finalized, Adobe is moving quickly to integrate the Magento Commerce Cloud into the Adobe Experience Cloud. A new approach In the past, creating a positive customer experience meant stitching together solutions […]

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Adobe + Magento: A Win for Them, Our Clients, and User Experience

Adobe recently announced its plans to acquire Magento Commerce. This is sure to cause a major disruption in the commerce marketplace, as these companies position themselves to steal momentum and market share from some of the primary players – both enterprise and mid-market level. The joining of these two powerhouse platforms means Adobe and Magento […]

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Built to Run: Content Migration

We talk a lot about Built to Run around here at Perficient. We put an enormous focus on making sure we build our AEM implementations so that marketing departments can run most efficiently. You obviously can’t do that without content. Creating content from scratch is an option, but starting from scratch for really large enterprises, who […]

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Built to Run in 2017: How We’re Delivering on Our Credo

One month into 2017, and the Adobe Practice at Perficient Digital is off and running. And speaking of running, we’re excited to announce our campaign for 2017: Built to Run. The spirit of this campaign is focused on Digital Marketing, and its purpose is to promote the Adobe Solutions and Services we offer. More specifically, how we […]

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Perficient + Adobe Play Key Roles in Award-Winning Website Redesign

Recently, Cardinal Health, one of our healthcare clients, received Modern Health’s Marketing IMPACT award for the latest redesign of its website. I was personally involved in the release, so it carries a point of pride for me. However, it’s interesting to note the technology underpinnings that made the redesign a reality. It’s Adobe all the way – […]

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Adobe’s Future Prospects are Bright: What You Need to Know

I recently had the privilege to meet with Adobe executives at their Customer Experience Center (CEC) in San Jose, CA where we had the opportunity to talk about the direction of our partnership. While there, I also gained some insights on future product releases. It was an educational experience for sure, and I left there […]

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Picture of Adobe Summit 2015 Opening Session

Day 1 Adobe Summit – My favorites

Reporting to you live from Adobe Summit: Day 1 is complete!  Here is a list of my favorite things from today’s sessions: Seeing David Nuescheler “flick” an image from his mobile device over to a large touch screen device with a swipe of his hand was by far the coolest thing I saw today. Pretty cool stuff. […]

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