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What’s the Next Step in Your Digital Marketing Journey?

Creating a top-notch digital experience is essential to competing in today’s fast-paced business environment. In fact, 94% of marketers recognize that improving content creation and delivery processes are key to a great customer experience. Aligning the right people, technology, and funding to create such an experience isn’t an easy task. With the help of a […]

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Super Bowl 50: Big Night for Denver, Not So Grand for Brands

It’s the day after the big game. The Denver Broncos are still bathing in Super Bowl victory, but what about the advertisers? Some might feel like this CMO. Yes, the brands who advertise during the Super Bowl have the budgets pay for a captive audience of 115+ million viewers. But does it make sense to […]

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Managing Adobe Campaign Packages via the Command Line

Adobe Campaign includes a command line interface by which administrators and developers can interact with the system via a command line interface, instead of the graphical user interface. Included in this command line interface is a tool for importing and exporting packages directly through the command line. This allows teams and users to more easily share and […]

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Picture of Adobe Summit 2015 Opening Session

Adobe Experience Manager and Campaign Working Well Together

At Adobe Summit, Ben Tepfer, Mickael Bentz and Urosh Pajic talked about how Adobe has integrated Experience Manager with Adobe Campaign. Too often a company’s campaign system is totally separate from the content management system. So, you end up with duplicate content, inconsistent experiences, inconsistent tracking of results, and an inefficient process. Adobe wanted to streamline […]

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Adobe Using Adobe Campaign For Cross-Channel Marketing

A key question for a technology vendor is “Do you use your own technology for what you are selling to the rest of us?” It’s often frustrating to me to visit a web content manager’s web site and find that they don’t use their own product to manage the site. At the Adobe Summit, I’m […]

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Brad Rencher

Adobe Summit 2015: Marketing Reinvention Journey Is The Keynote

Today, Adobe kicked off its annual Adobe Summit conference for digital marketing. This is an important year for Adobe as many of its competitors are trying to jump ahead of Adobe in this space. Adobe has excellent products and excellent vision, but still recognizes the need to reinvent their products for the evolving digital marketing […]

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Adobe Summit: What’s Next for Adobe Campaign?

Thomas Boudalier, VP of Engineering for Adobe Campaign and Francois Laxalt, Senior Product Manager, both gave a session on where Adobe Campaign is going in the next little bit. While we saw some demos of a fully integrated Marketing Cloud including Adobe Campaign, we know it hasn’t been released yet.  Of course, those in the […]

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Should You Use Demand-Side Platforms to Manage Display Advertising Campaigns?

**Enlighten was acquired by Perficient Digital in December 2015** Demand-Side Platforms (DSPs) are changing the way that digital media buyers plan, track and price based on online ad inventory with display impressions aggregated across multiple ad exchanges. Most benefits accrue to medium to large advertisers who invest in “targeted reach” media as part of a […]

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