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Rating the Smarts of the Personal Assistants – 2019 Edition

We are pleased to present the 2019 update to our Digital Personal Assistants accuracy study. In this latest edition of the study, we tested 4,999 queries on seven different devices: • Alexa • Echo Show • Cortana • Google Assistant on Google Home • Google Assistant on Google Home Hub • Google Assistant on a […]

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5 Steps to Creating Customer Journeys & Personas

Marketing and sales teams often grow into silos. And although both are working toward the same goal, they have a lack of shared knowledge about where – and how – they can fit together based on customer activity. Unfortunately, there isn’t a one-stop-shop for reference when creating marketing experiences, measuring engagement and integrating sales efforts […]

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How to Use Research & Personas for Personalized Marketing

Personalization, by definition, should not be a “one-size-fits-all” effort. It’s a customer-driven approach that can dramatically improve marketing results by leveraging user data, customer insights and strategic knowledge of a customer journey. Most importantly, it can build trust between customers and brands, as well as increase B2B sales by reaching current or prospective customers through […]

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Mobile vs Desktop Traffic in 2019

This is the latest edition of our study on the state of the mobile web. This update demonstrates the growth of the mobile web last year (2018) versus the desktop. I’ll also compare the latest data to usage levels in 2016 and 2017. The stats in this and our prior studies were pulled from SimilarWeb and reflect U.S. […]

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31 Must Know Voice Usage Trends for 2019

For the third year in a row, we asked over 1,000 people (1,719 this year) how they use voice, when they use voice, and why. If you’re looking to get a snapshot of how voice is used by people today, then you’ve found it. Eric EngeEric Enge leads the Digital Marketing practice for Perficient Digital. […]

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Does AMP Improve Rankings, Engagement, and Conversion?

Studies show that AMP drives more revenue and positive ROI. This includes prior analysis done by Perficient Digital (now Perficient Digital) as shown in our canonical guide to AMP. In addition, a Forrester economic-impact study outlines how greater page-load speed increases conversions, traffic and pages per visit. There’s a lot of positive, individual-use cases for […]

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Links as a Ranking Factor – Still Going Strong

In our fourth study of the power of links for ranking, using data extracted in August 2018, we draw on the largest dataset yet: over 27,000 search queries. The big result: links remain a strongly correlated predicter of ranking. The complete study also provides comparisons based on the original 6000-query set and the updated 16,000 query set. In both cases the strong correlation holds. The current study also shows a strong link correlation for both commercial and informational queries, with the correlation for informational queries slightly stronger…. Read More >

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2018 Data on Featured Snippets and the Knowledge Graph

We’ve been tracking Google’s Featured Snippets in search for several years now. In this study we look at almost 1.5 million queries most likely to qualify for a Featured Snippet to see how the search feature has changed over time. Are Featured Snippet appearing in search more or less often? Are there significant differences between mobile and desktop? For the answers to these and more, click through to the study!… Read More >

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Featured Snippets Resource Center

Featured Snippets in search have the potential to jump you above the number one organic result, and without link building or some of the other arduous tasks of traditional SEO. But that doesn’t mean they’re easy to get or keep! This resource center is your one-stop hub for everything you need to know about Featured […]

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Why is Google Investing in Featured Snippets?

This post is a part of our Featured Snippet Resource Center, feel free to explore more Featured Snippets information at Featured Snippet Resouce Center Here is what Danny Sullivan of Google said in January 2018 about why they are investing in featured snippets: We display featured snippets in search when we believe this format will […]

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