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Need guidance on trends? Ask your customers.

Who’s the Expert in Digital Trends? Your Customer.

It’s the beginning of the year and there is no shortage of “Top Digital Trends” articles describing all the ways organizations need to be heads up to the next big thing in digital if they don’t want their expenses to increase and profits shrink. These articles are full of valuable information. Some of it may […]

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IBM Commerce and HCL: A Q&A with Our Chief Strategist

The digital commerce industry has been abuzz since last month’s announcement that HCL Technologies will acquire several technologies from IBM, including the entire Commerce portfolio IBM developed over the last two decades.  We asked our Commerce Chief Strategist, Mike Rabbior, to share his insights on what this news means for the commerce technology industry, our […]

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Meet our Augmented Analytics and Marketing Data Experts at NRF 2019

Come meet our experts Jim Butz, MicroStrategy Practice General Manager, and Kevin Bauer, Digital Marketing Practice Director, as they showcase demos and retail expertise at NRF 2019 next week. Demos will be held at the MicroStrategy booth (#1955) and will highlight augmented analytics, chatbots, voice, natural language technology, digital intelligence, digital marketing analytics, and data-driven omnichannel experience. […]

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3 Steps to Transition to Experience-Driven Commerce

In an age where technology is a major part of daily life, organizations (especially retailers) recognize the need to improve their digital presence to compete effectively in the marketplace. The catalog-driven approach of building out an online catalog for browsing products and placing orders is no longer enough to meet the needs of today’s demanding […]

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The Strategy Imperative; A Q&A With Our Commerce Chief Strategist

Perficient’s new Chief Strategist program is a way for our leading subject matter experts across Perficient and Perficient Digital to elevate client conversations – using their insights and vision to help our clients stay ahead of their competition. Mike Rabbior, our Commerce Chief Strategist, recently shared his thoughts on the new program, as well as […]

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Video: Optimizing Omnichannel Experiences for Lids Sports Group

Customers may not be fully aware of all the moving parts and pieces that combine to form their retail experience, but they do notice when the journey is disjointed across a retailer’s various channels. Whether a customer is shopping online, skimming through a brand’s social media, or visiting a brick-and-mortar store, the customer experience should […]

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Telling Perfect Product Stories with PIM

Everyone loves a great story. Our oldest friends, sitcoms, movies, books, sports, and music all tell the types of stories that move us. They move us to action or leave us wanting more. When it comes to your website and your products, how can you tell the same type of compelling story? One that moves […]

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The Key Differences Between B2B and B2C Personalization

As consumers, we know what we expect from a personalized experience. We might see this put into action by our favorite retailers, through online ads and email marketing promotions created around our past behavior or buying decisions. But those same tactics and approaches don’t apply to B2B marketing. There are several differences in the B2C […]

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Customer Reviews Are Changing in the Post-Truth Era

Companies view great customer reviews as a holy grail of online content. They want to develop customer experiences that nurture positive, 4-star or better reviews in anticipation of greater conversion, order size, loyalty, and sharing across social media. Countless analytics and online behavior reports back up these beliefs, and it is undeniable that customers seek […]

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Be a Retailer That Stands for Something

Standing for something as a brand is about being bigger than just the products you sell. Establishing your position on topics of social responsibility, promoting your brand values and culture, and supporting worthwhile causes through your philanthropic efforts are great ways to connect to your community on an emotional level and catch the attention of […]

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