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Google Office San Francisco

Google BERT Update – Digital Marketing Quick Take

Google announced a major algorithm update, BERT, on October 25, 2019. The update will affect 10% of searches and make the search landscape better for everyone. How will it make search better, and what does this update mean for you? Watch as Eric Enge, Digital Marketing Manager at Perficient Digital, and Jessica Peck, Marketing Technology […]

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Rating the Smarts of the Personal Assistants – 2019 Edition

We are pleased to present the 2019 update to our Digital Personal Assistants accuracy study. In this latest edition of the study, we tested 4,999 queries on seven different devices: • Alexa • Echo Show • Cortana • Google Assistant on Google Home • Google Assistant on Google Home Hub • Google Assistant on a […]

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FAQ Schema Markup – Results May Vary

At the May 2019 Google I/O event, Google Search and Google Assistant officially announced support and a new Google Search Console enhancement report for FAQ structured data. The FAQ markup is meant for Frequently Asked Question pages that contain all questions and answers on a single page. Adding it can create a FAQ rich […]

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Eric Enge and Brian Weiss discuss SEO in Here's Why Video - educational video series on Digital Marketing

Why User Journeys Are Part of SEO – Here’s Why #224

User experience is becoming a part of SEO, but why does Google want to use it as a signal in their algorithm? In this episode of the award-winning Here’s Why digital marketing video series, Brian Weiss explains how Google is using user experience to rank pages.  Don’t miss a single episode of Here’s Why. Click the subscribe […]

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Perficient Digital's Eric Enge

Why Links Continue to Play a Role in Rankings – Here’s Why #223

It’s widely known that links are a ranking factor, but is that still really important in SEO? In this episode of the award-winning Here’s Why digital marketing video series, Eric Enge explains why links remain critical to successful SEO and shares tips to get links to your websites.  Don’t miss a single episode of Here’s Why. […]

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Leverage your content investment - Content Hubs vs Blogs

Leveraging Your Content Investment: Blogs vs Content Hubs

We started with the theory that blogs are used as publishing platforms on many sites where they don’t make sense. The reason for this theory is that the majority of content published in blogs is evergreen content – and that two main components of a blog don’t work well with evergreen content. These components are: […]

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Eric Enge and Rand Fishkin Debunk the Biggest Myths in Search

The world of SEO is full of misconceptions and myths. Anyone can claim they’re a search expert and publish any theory, and then call it the latest, greatest search (or SEO) technique. Chasing these wild ideas can be a major waste of time, or worse, harmful to your business. On August 8, 2019, Eric Enge (General […]

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