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5 innovations in 5 years

5 Innovations to Help Change Our Lives in the Next 5 Years

Every year IBM announces “5 in 5” technology predictions which will be important to the world within 5 years.  This year IBM researchers  reviewed them at at IBM Think 2019 on 2/13/2019.  The presenters were: Geraud Dubois, DGM Science to Solutions, IBM Research – Almaden Arvind Krishna, SVP, Cloud and Cognitive Software, IBM Jeannette M. […]

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Finding Solutions Together; Q&A with Our Digital Chief Strategist

Launched in 2018, our Chief Strategist program is a way for leading subject matter experts across Perficient and Perficient Digital to elevate client conversations – using their insights and vision to help our clients stay ahead of their competition.  Jim Hertzfeld, our Chief Strategist over Digital, recently shared his thoughts on the program and the […]

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Two retro Robots toys talking on tin can phones

Perficient Lends Expertise for eMarketer AI Best Practices Report

Artificial intelligence (AI) has grown from the stuff of science fiction to a leading force in the world of technology, changing the way organizations in every industry are getting things done. With so many businesses looking to understand and effectively implement AI technology in their processes, it’s not surprising that some do’s and don’ts have […]

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Use Intelligent Content to Create Incredible Experiences

Artificial Intelligence (AI) affects our lives in unexpected ways every day. Machine learning has changed the method and speed that companies can deliver personalized content. And because of this, expectations are consistently increasing across all industries. In a recent guide that we created together with Adobe, we take a closer look at how you can […]

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Creating Intelligent Content with AI

Creating content that will both entice customers and create a compelling experience is a constant challenge. And with consumer expectations always rising, marketers need to develop a steady flow of captivating content. You start the process with ideas and concepts, then create and manage assets, deliver and personalize experiences, and finally analyze performance. And hopefully, you […]

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Sitecore, Machine Learning and Personalization

What holds back marketers from creating one-to-one experiences?  Well, a lot of things, it turns out.  Lack of data, too much data, not understanding a customer’s journey, too much focus on journeys – the list is endless.  In the past, we’ve created rules engines to try to create personalized experiences, but we are finding that […]

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Authenticity in the Age of AI: Why CDPs Should Be on Your Radar

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being heralded as a game-changer – and rightly so. The combination of Big Data with improved processing power and machine-learning (algorithms that can learn from experience rather than explicit human programming) has the potential to affect every corner of our lives. From retail and healthcare to transportation and the internet-of-things, AI […]

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5 Suggestions + a Warning: Make Bot Content Do Your Heavy Lifting

You’ve heard about bots. You’ve even chatted with a bot—even if you didn’t know it. But do you know how to make a bot work for you? Bots, algorithms, machine learning, AI… whatever you call it, these are driving how you sell to and engage with customers. These are the “people” you chat with in […]

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Are You Tired of Hearing About Artificial Intelligence Yet?

Are you tired of hearing about artificial intelligence yet? Well, I have some bad news. It’s only going to become the most important thing in our lives. Every once in a while you read an article that completely changes and overwhelms the way you think about something. Today, for me, it was The Artificial Intelligence […]

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