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Automation IaC Solution for WordPress, Drupal & Magento Applications

  Objective Automatic installation and configuration solutions for WordPress, Drupal, and Magento application using AWS CloudFormation infrastructure orchestration and content management ¬†tools like Puppet, Ansible, or Chef. The infrastructure as code (IaC) solution should follow architecture best practices such as setting up the database in a private segment, secure authentication, and provisioning. It should also […]

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Options for Deploying IBM WebSphere Commerce V9 on AWS

IBM WebSphere Commerce (WCS) V9 evolves from a monolithic application into a headless-commerce/microservices architecture which can be deployed on a cloud service provider. Key components of this application are separated into five different services that each run in its own container. Each container can be auto scaled based on its individual workload requirements. You can […]

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