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B2B Digital Transformation: Assess Product Management & Sales

When organizations begin a digital transformation and eCommerce journey, they often focus solely on technology. In reality, there are business decisions to be made and opportunities to explore before technology even comes into play. At the end of your business evaluation, you’ll start assessing internal capabilities. Once you’ve examined your availability and stocking abilities, you’ll […]

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#AdobeChat: A Recap on Effective Optimization Programs

We all talk a lot about customer experience, and for good reason. The shift to digital has been a complete game-changer, and consumers have more options than ever before. Long gone are the days of pulling out a massive phone book to find a new primary care physician or travel agent for your next vacation, or […]

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Retail Catches Up to IT

Baseline Magazine has an article about the purchase experience catching up to technology capabilities.  Personally, I think anything that improves checkout time is well worth the effort. his may soon change. Apple—which has already eliminated POS terminals in its stores and provides e-receipts—rolled out its EasyPay service on November 8. It allows customers to scan […]

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