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Rethinking the Role of the Quality Assurance (QA) Team

I had the opportunity in my career to create a quality assurance (QA) team from scratch for a small software development company. Prior to this, developers and project managers would do all the testing. After petitioning for quite some time that this was not the best approach to ensuring quality, I was finally given the […]

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Software Development Efficiency: Balancing Bug Fixes and New Code

When working on a software development project with limited resources, there is always the constant pull to meet a schedule and ship features. Since no developer is perfect, that also means bugs may slip into the code from time to time. If the schedule is crunched or unrealistic, the likelihood of consumer-facing bugs increases dramatically. […]

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So You’ve Got Bugs, Huh?

Whenever you write JavaScript, you’re risking creating bugs. The risk of bugs increases proportionally as the amount of code and code complexity increases. There are ways to avoid bugs; I recommend ESLint, JSHint, or a language extension such as TypeScript to help reduce the introduction of bugs into your codebase. This post isn’t meant to […]

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