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Instead of Mobile-First, How About Mobile-By-Design?

While this year’s NRF was full of the promise of AI and machine learning to enhance customer experiences across digital channels, I couldn’t help but think that while AI is exciting, sexy, and can probably deliver on the promise of great CX once fully implemented and refined (over time), what about a customer’s experience right now?  […]

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Video: Optimizing Omnichannel Experiences for Lids Sports Group

Customers may not be fully aware of all the moving parts and pieces that combine to form their retail experience, but they do notice when the journey is disjointed across a retailer’s various channels. Whether a customer is shopping online, skimming through a brand’s social media, or visiting a brick-and-mortar store, the customer experience should […]

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Founded on Experience: Ideas from IRCE 2018

Last week, a few thousand online retailers, suppliers, and I packed the halls at IRCE 2018, this year’s installment of the Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition. Retailers large and small came to share and learn in Chicago, where almost 150 years ago Aaron Montgomery Ward founded his pioneering mail-order catalog business. Ward was spurred on […]

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The CVS and Aetna Merger: An RX for CX?

I doubt you’d be surprised to hear that the US healthcare system is not in great shape. News reports remind us often that the $3.5 trillion behemoth is the world’s largest and most costly—and yet far from the most effective. The US spends twice per capita on healthcare compared to other leading economies, even as […]

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End-to-End Service Elevates Customer Experiences, Research Finds

Companies capable of delivering “end-to-end” customer service entering 2017 are well-positioned to lead their industries throughout the year, according to new Forrester research. The independent technology and market research firm’s January 2017 report titled Elevate Your Customer Experience With End-to-End Customer Service includes examples of customer service performances from a handful of top-tier consumer market […]

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[Guide] Is It Time to Update Your CX Platform to Sitecore?

Adopting a new customer experience platform can be costly and challenging, but the risk of not keeping up with the latest technology could be even greater. When your platform can no longer provide the functionality and flexibility that your business needs to compete, it’s time to take a hard look at your legacy system and […]

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Site Search

Site Search Should Not Be an Afterthought

It’s time to re-platform, upgrade or simply join the world of Customer Experience Platform site management. You hold internal meetings where rough budgets are set. You meet with potential implementation partners and plan, strategize, repeat. But yet, one piece that I see continually forgotten until late in the process is Site Search. Okay, not forgotten, but certainly […]

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3 Ways B2B Sites Can Meet B2C Expectations

There were many great concepts and strategies presented at this year’s B2B Online conference in Chicago, but one of the recurring points was that B2B eCommerce needs to look a lot more like B2C eCommerce. This need could partly be due to the rise of millennials in the workplace (50% of B2B buyers are now millennials). […]

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Are Your Silos Showing?

Does your company share a single, objective view of your customers? Are teams adept at sharing customer insight across the organization and encouraged to do so? Does your brand present a consistent, unified face in all channels? If you said anything other than “yes,” your silos may be showing. Over the weekend I dug into Gillian Tett’s The […]

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Why Good Is Not Good Enough: What I Learned at Forrester CX Forum

Last week, I ventured to Anaheim, CA, for Forrester Research’s Why Good Is Not Good Enough conference. I wanted to find out how, in a world of same-day e-commerce, self-driving cars and ubiquitous Wi-Fi, the stewards of the world’s top brands were managing to keep their customers happy. Across the two days, mic’ed-up presenters and tweeting […]

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