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Data Silos And The Customer Journey

I ran across an interesting blog post by Kerry Reiley on Knocking Down Data Silos To Map The Customer Journey. I’m not going to belabor the obvious problem of silos.  It’s easy to see and no one will gainsay you.   That said, Kerry had two great points about solving the problem with the right data. […]

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Sitecore Launchpad

5 Ways Sitecore Experience Platform Can Improve a Patient Journey

How healthcare can use the leading customer experience platform to deliver the ideal patient experience. If you are in the healthcare business – data, and how it is utilized, is likely something you face weekly. For that matter, you may have even read some of our own Healthcare Industry Trends. Healthcare is rich with patient data, […]

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Social TV: Tweets in Your Television

Social TV is becoming the new norm of experiencing your favorite television shows. If you’ve noticed all those Tweets pop up on the screen during your favorite programs, you’re already well aware of the growing trend of what is now known as “Social TV.” During my first stint at South by Southwest (SXSW), many of […]

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A Month Later: Google Flu Update

A month ago I blogged about Google Flu Trends measurements of flu-related search terms and how it related to official data from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. As it turns out, flu cases came in quite a bit below what Google was predicting. “Flu Trends is meant to be a complementary tool to the […]

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Data Visualization, Less is More

As stated previously, I’m a big fan of focusing on the persuasive aspects of your presentations and reports. After all, the power of data is to trigger an improvement or optimization to the benefit of a client or business. A significant portion of a persuasive argument is backing up your recommendations with solid insights drawn […]

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Data Analytics: Google Flu Trends

Many news outlets have reported that this year’s flu season has hit early, is unusually strong and will result in the worst flu season in a decade. I recently discovered Google Flu Trends, which is a project based on Google Trends. Since Google performs 4.7 billion searches per day, they are sitting on a mountain […]

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Using Data to your Advantage

The amount of data being collected and retained by companies is increasing every year; in fact, a 2010 Gartner survey indicated that data growth was the most important challenge on the horizon for large enterprises. There are plenty of risks of having a data-driven business, but the rewards can be substantial. While large data sets […]

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Sync Everything. Store Nothing. iCloud – the New Heaven?

So with all this talk about the Apple iCloud launch today, it all sounds pretty spiffy. Especially if you know that it’s powered by Apple’s iDataCenter – which sounds like pretty powerful stuff. Pay for everything. Access everything. Store nothing! Yay No long upload times of your data to a cloud. (Currently up to 5mb […]

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