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How to Choose a Facebook Advertising Objective

Advertising on Facebook can be quite costly, especially if you are unsure how to set the ad up properly or you don’t know how to select the best option for your particular objective. In order to get your ad to the right target audience at a reasonable price, you have to ensure the objective of […]

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Your 2018 Facebook Lead Generation Plan: 5 Tips for Better Leads

The first quarter of 2017 showed US digital ad spend is up 23 percent to $19.6 billion. And Facebook and Google are expected to pull in 63 percent of US digital ad spend in 2017. When it comes to Facebook advertising spend specifically, eMarketer reported that “2017 will be the first year when Facebook captures more than […]

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To Go Live or To Not Go Live: The Facebook Live Question

Video has taken over social media. Your feeds that used to be filled first by words and then by photos have been increasingly bombarded with videos. As social media companies do their best to meet demand, one of the cool kids on the block, Facebook Live, leaves marketers a little stumped. Going live at a […]

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The Data Opportunity of Events from Facebook

Another digital advertising opportunity may exist soon thanks to Facebook. With the launch of their Events from Facebook app, we predict the data collected from the app could open up another avenue for reaching potential customers. The new app allows consumers to find local events or those their friends are interested in. In addition, it […]

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Will Facebook eCommerce Convert with the new Shop Section?

There have been rumors for a long time of Facebook working on a way to do eCommerce within their social network. However, there was no mention of it at Facebook’s most recent F8 conference. While people have been able to sell through Facebook, it has only been possible if you had a Shopify or Bigcommerce […]

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My Initial Impressions of Google’s Cloud Vision API

When Google released the Cloud Vision API last month I started to think of the interesting ways that artificially intelligent image recognition could be used.  One idea that jumped to mind was enhancing the ability to search for marketing images and stock photography in a digital asset management system. As much as companies encourage individuals to tag and annotate […]

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Facebook Dislike

The Facebook Dislike Button Has Arrived (Sort Of)

If you have been on Facebook this morning, you may have noticed a small change, but one that has been requested for years. The dislike button has arrived! Over the years, the dislike button has been one of the most requested features. There have been rumors for quite some time, but this morning, Facebook quietly […]

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The Romance of Cinderella - Updated for the Digital Age

The Romance of Cinderella – Updated for the Digital Age

Once upon a time there was a kind smart girl named Cinderella. All of the animals loved her, especially two mice named Gus and Jaq Mac and PC. They’d do anything for the girl they called Cinderelly. Cinderella lived with her stepmother and two stepsisters, Anastatsia and Drizella. They were very mean to Cinderella, making her work all day […]

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Platform ambassador graphic

Platform ambassador: The new title in media management

Take a guess: How many virtual communities exist online, right now? The answer is complex. If you count only those sites with 100 million members or more, the list is about a dozen names long. If you count those considered “major” and “active” at the same time, the list has about 400 members. But if […]

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Business dictates the best, worst times for social media

Social media never sleeps, but it does take a breather once in a while. Usually, those rest periods are determined by our work schedules, not our social engagement, because business shapes social media usage now more than ever. For example, Facebook, the 800-pound gorilla of social media, emerges from repose as the workday begins and […]

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