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Instead of Mobile-First, How About Mobile-By-Design?

While this year’s NRF was full of the promise of AI and machine learning to enhance customer experiences across digital channels, I couldn’t help but think that while AI is exciting, sexy, and can probably deliver on the promise of great CX once fully implemented and refined (over time), what about a customer’s experience right now?  […]

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Keep Calm and Learn about Google Mobile-First Indexing

Conferences are the perfect opportunities for Googler Gary Illyes to make big announcements, and this year’s Pubcon did just that. During his keynote, which I was fortunate enough to attend in Las Vegas this October, Gary announced that for the first time, Google’s index would switch from desktop to mobile, a change we touched on […]

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Hello Responsive Web Design : Part 1

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or have possibly gone full blackout mode in support of the occupy SOPA / PIPA festivities, undoubtedly you’ve heard of Responsive Web Design — RWD for all the hipsters who like their acronyms.  In this 4 part series, I will explain the following: 1. What Responsive Web Design […]

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