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Going Multilingual in Sitecore Part 1: Enable Multiple Languages

Welcome back to Going Multilingual in Sitecore. In this part of the series, we’ll walk through setting up Sitecore to enable multiple languages.  If you are just joining us, please go back and read the introduction where you’ll also find links to each other part of the guide. Sitecore has the native capability to present content in […]

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Going Multilingual in Sitecore

Welcome to Going Multilingual in Sitecore. I had the opportunity to help one of our clients add mulitlanguage capabilities to their Sitecore website. I had a hard time finding a simple guide that walked me through the process, so I documented my journey and am sharing here. Sitecore has the native capability to present content […]

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For Whom Are Your Sitecore Translations For?

On a recent client engagement working with an existing Sitecore multi-site instance, a discussion took place on how to better manage the current translations process. The primary issue to be resolved was the overwriting of translation values on deployments. This was happening for translations entered during a specific time window between deployment label creation and actual […]

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