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Upgrading the Password Hashing Algorithm for Sitecore 9+ Installs

The Importance of Security Maintaining security is critical. Take a look at any of the major data breaches that have occurred in the past few years where millions of Americans have had their data compromised, and you might start to agree. One of the simplest measures we can take to protect our information is through […]

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SQL Querying Sitecore Database Directly: Ordered Content Tree

In my last blog post, I gave you a SQL function that will return the FullPath of a given Sitecore Item.  Another common set of information one might want to retrieve from the Sitecore DB is the descendent items in the proper order as they show in the Sitecore Content Tree.  The trick to this […]

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SQL Querying Sitecore Database Directly: Get FullPath of Item

It’s not often that a Sitecore developer has to write SQL queries against the Sitecore databases because the Sitecore API handles basic CRUD operations for the developer.  It’s also a best practice to use the API so that all the hooks and handlers and pipelines and events fire the way they’re designed to.  However, there […]

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